Hydraulic cylinders

Minar Hydrosystems Pvt. Ltd. (MHPL) was started to cater to specific customer requirements with respect to repairs and manufacturing of precision and critical cylinders, as an additional service to our clients. Over the years MHPL has manufactured special import substitute as well as customized cylinders for different customers for various applications. MHPL has helped its clients to reclaim critical cylinders by way of repairs where the only option left for the client was to purchase a new cylinder. Over the years we have developed our skills for the repairs & manufacturing of big cylinders in mining, cement as well as steel plants.

The application list of Mining –

1) Underground Continuous Mines

  • Ramplate Cylinder
  • Cutter Head Cylinder
  • Cutter Boom Lift Cylinder
  • Feed Cylinder
  • SC Boom Lift Cylinder
  • Shear Cylinder

2) Surface Mining

  • Front Suspension Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Rear Suspension Cylinder
  • Boom Lift Cylinder
  • Hoist Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Boom Extension Hydraulic Cylinder

The application list of cement plants is as follows :

  • VRM cylinder
  • Roller press cylinder
  • Triple feed gate cylinder
  • Coal mill cylinder
  • Nitrogen accumulator
  • Lime stone crusher jaw cylinder
  • Stacker reclaimer swing out boom cylinder
  • Raw mill cylinder
  • Flap gate cooler cylinder
  • Reject gate cylinder

The application list of Steel Plant is as follows :

  • AGC cylinder
  • Backup Roll Balance Cylinder.
  • Bending cylinder.
  • Furnace tilting cylinder.

MHPL manufactures a wide range of industrial, construction & sophisticated motion control application hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. Standard cylinders are available in broad range of sizes, application mountings, options, accessories incorporating latest designs and standards. However, MHPL is largely involved in developing replacement cylinders.

To give you a high quality, reliability and low maintenance, our cylinders incorporate the following superior design features as per customer’s existing cylinder designs and drawings and also for import substitution. Our factory at MIDC Hingna certified by JAS-ANZ ISO 9001-2000 has a highly skilled workforce and CNC machines.



The tubes are high quality steel internally HONED WITH MAX. ROUGHNESS OF 0.25 MICRON Ra with H8 bore tolerances. Roller burnished tubes with high toughness, wear resistance and low surface roughness are also available.


The rods are of high quality chromium plated alloy steel with minimum surface roughness of 0.25 micron Ra and plating thickness of 25 micron. The rods are ground to h8 tolerance. The hardest level chrome plated surface is 45-50 HRC.


The head caps and pistons are machined to high degree of accuracy and surface finish to a common centerline for the cylinder body. To achieve critical surface finishes in the seal grooves, special tooling is used on CNC machines.


MHPL enjoys excellent technical support from its sister concern ANK Seals which is a leading manufacturer of seals in India. With excellent R&D facilities for special sealing solutions, ANK Seals produces seals from world class elastomers and plastomers by machining as well as moulding technology.


Cushioning is incorporated in the cylinders to minimize the shocks and impacts at the end of stroke and extend its life. Incorporating cushioning in cylinders facilitates –

  • 1. Fast stopping of cylinders at the end of the stroke without damaging cylinder.
  • 2. Speed up the cylinder cycling time safely.
  • 3. Reduction of machine noise and maintenance.


Stroke length is a customer specification. Stroke tolerance is 1mm upto 1000mm and 2.5mm for strokes exceeding 1000mm. Cylinder upto length 6500mm are available.


Every cylinder undergoes – Dimensional inspection / surface roughness testing / chromium plate thickness testing / surface hardness testing / proof pressure testing / internal leakage test /endurance text (if asked) for the cycles of operations to be specified by you on in house 500T Test Rig.


MHPL have a separate fully devoted test department to provide after sales service. It has expertise in servicing and reclamation of cylinders to restore full life of your cylinder back again.