Careers at Minar Hydro are not just jobs, there’s a three dimensional focus on Growth, Learning and Challenge for each and every team member who joins us!


Growth is not just about remuneration and pay packages, we ensure that you get exposed to better and bigger opportunities and improve your skills and abilities while with us. It’s a continuous process and we invest heavily in the training and upgrading of our teams.


We believe that the best learning happens on the job and hence we provide diverse opportunities to all our team members to explore their potential. As long as you’re ready to make your hands dirty and learn we will ensure that there’s no lack of resources or opportunity for you to master any skill or process that we use.


Working with multi-nationals and industry leaders, our projects and assignments are a healthy balance of hard-work and innovation. Challenging situations give you unparalleled exposure to complex problem solving and crisis leadership situations. You can choose to learn, adapt or even lead on projects.